ABOUT Tripple 44 FC

Tripple 44 Football Academy was established in the year 2014, but was officially registered and affiliated to the Oyo State football federation and by extension the Nigeria Football Federation in 2017. At inception, the club started with only 4 players but now boasts of over 50 players with the U-19 standing as its Football Club while the U-19 represents mainly the club’s Academy and feeders.

The academy follows the same structure, operations, training sessions and methodology as every other standard academy. A Technical Director from the club is responsible to implement the technical, tactical, physical and physiological training during the entire season. The main objective is to create an impact on player development and teach what it takes to become a professional on and off the field.


At Tripple 44 Football Academy, our goal is to help our  players work, learn and improve basic and specific coordinative skills, learn specific technical and tactical aspects of football and developed key educational habits and sportsmanship


If your child is passionate about football and they have the skills, dedication and work ethic to commit fully to their sport,( the proficiency academy in IBADAN) is the perfect place for them. In the next section you can read about some of the many players who have achieved their dream thanks to this school.
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To prepare footballers (and goalkeepers) to compete professionally in Nigerian League:

  • To improve individual technique
  • To develop tactical consciousness and game comprehension
  • To strengthen physical fitness
  • To understand and effectively employ team tactics and strategy
  • To provide the best environment to achieve athletic and academic excellence.


Long-Term Programs

  • Professional 2-year program
  • 1-year program
  • 3-6-month program

Short-Term Programs

  • Weekly programs during the summer
  • Intensive programs during the year
  • Trial days (Try-outs)

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